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24/08/08 - I was going over this website the other day and I realised that it could use a bit of an update.

It's been 3 months and yet again a surprising amount of things have happened since May.

The following things have been added and changed on the site:

  • My Personal Profile has been updated with my new equipment and experience

  • A NEW page called "Charity Events" will been added to the site.

  • More photos have been added to the Portraits Gallery

  • More Photos have been added to the Natural Gallery

  • Photos have now been added to the Landscapes Gallery

05/05/08 - Yes I know its been a long time since I last updated this site but please believe me when I say

I HAVE been busy over the past year. What with treatment taking priority to computing and updates.

However I have had quite a productive year what with me going on holiday to Scotland and Wales,

winning an award, going to the Royal Albert Hall and meeting up with the famous Mario Testino.


Anyway on to what changes I've done since last year's update:

  • Front Page Bug now fixed

  • A noticeable update includes the page themes and title pictures. I've now customised each page theme to the different page pictures. Prime Example would be this very page.

  • Natural Gallery has now been added

  • Profile and Recommended Sites have been updated since parts were out of date

There are a few photo shoots planned for the near future so watch this space.

28/07/07 - Well its been a VERY long time since the last update but its finally arrived. Although I don't have hardly anything to

show for it, at least the site itself is up and running so I can now start to update everything!


If you look around you'll noticed that I've updated my personal profile slightly with the new equipment that I've managed to

buy since last time this place was updated. In the near future I should have all the pages finished along with a company logo

sorted also I have a semi-professional shoot booked for the 4th August with my lovely model Sari, so shots from there will be

up in the next week or so.


11/05/07 - This site has now finally been given a new look to it. Although all the pages aren't yet complete i have managed to

do most of them. I should also have the gallery up and running for people to look at in the next week or so.


02/04/07 - Today I've added a section for another Author in "The Book Vault". This up and coming writer now has two

books under his belt much like Steve Watson. Matthew Bellingham's E-Book "Shadow Of An Angel" is now up and

ready to download.


26/03/07 - A Large Update today. I've now added a basic layout to my "Personal Profile" and "Links" page as well as

include a page for my brother up and coming book "Private Investigations".


24/03/07 - This site has been up and running for about 2 - 3 weeks. Now I present to you the first major update to the site.

A new area called "The Book Vault". This is where I shall be advertising publications and stories by people I personally know.

A bit of free advertising doesn't hurt anyone...


03/03/07 - Site First Opened







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