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Welcome... my photography website, also known as Shine On Productions. Here you'll find all you'll need to know about

me and what I do in the world of photography. In my Gallery there's a collection of photos I've taken throughout

the country and thought to be some my best shots.



To see the new Gallery

Click Here or on the picture above



17/04/09 -  Yup the very first update of the year and it's already four months into it! Things have been pretty hectic

over the past few months and the reason behind this is my FIRST ever photo exhibition! Kindly organised by family

and several members of Teenage Cancer Trust I have finally got an exhibition of my photos all sorted. A private

showing will happen on the 25th April and then 10 of these photos will be on display at Addenbrookes

Hospital, Cambridge. All money raised will be split between bother Teenage Cancer Trust

and Clic Sargent.


As you can imagine with this major event will be changes to the site etc. So with the lovely support of Jon (Web Host)

he has started to put together a really fancy looking Gallery to show off all the photos that will be available for the

public to buy. Even in its early stages its really turning out very nice and hopefully my entire Gallery (and even site)

will take on the same format! To take a look click on the above picture.




25/08/08 -  Continuing on from yesterday I've added some more photos and done another re-organisation of

my gallery. Now the Natural section has been split into 'Wild & Captive Animals', 'Birds'

and 'Bugs and Insects'. I feel its better organised like this.


Also a large section has been added ready for me to start to put together. The new 'Projects' area will

show off some of my other bits of work that I've done that don't involve photography.










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