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Private Investigations


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Category: Murder and Mystery

Description: A wave of terrorism is sweeping through Central London.

It began with a relatively amateurish attempt at an armed siege in a relatively low-key part of the City, but quickly escalated into armed robbery, and then onto full scale bombings; even Londonís buses became targets for acts of terrorism.

Jon is a hot-headed Special Operative who runs a small time Private Investigation Agency on the north bank of the river Thames with his partners Dan (a straight-laced by-the-book officer) and Matt (a part-time officer with access to the confidential files of Scotland Yard).  He is convinced that these isolated pockets of violence are leading up to something big, something that will bring both the City and its police force to its knees.

However, his excessive and unorthodox methods not only threaten his own life, but also the lives of his work partners, not to mention the tattered remains of his professional credibility. 

Jon is trapped in a professional and personal race against time to stop the attacks on London before he is destroyed by an act of terrorism, or his own volatile persona.


No. of Pages: 113

Copyright Year: © 2007

Country: United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Age Category: Mature

Book Price: £6.50


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